Advisory Board Members 2018-19

Adam Miller, Chairman Community Member
David Stafford, Vice-Chairman Hawcreek Township Trustee appointee
Tom Finke, Secretary Flat Rock Township Trustee appointee
Shirley Robertson, Treasurer Community Member
Pat Walters Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp. appointee
Ed Stone Town Council of Clifford appointee
David Emmert Hope Chamber of Commerce appointee
Buck Imlay Town Council of Hartsville appointee
Mason Jordan Student Community Member (Senior)
Pat May Community Member
Shelby Fugate Student Community Leader (Junior)
Tom Miller Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp. appointee
Carolyn Gernentz Flat Rock-Hawcreek Ministerial Assn. appointee
Diane Burton Town Council of Hope appointee
Jeff Yarnell Community Center of Hope, Inc. appointee
Michael Dean Heritage of Hope appointee
Bill Lentz ex-officio member
Bud Herron ex-officio member